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Long Or Short Term Effects Of Syphilis What Are The Long And Short Term Effects Of Syphilis?

What are the long and short term effects of syphilis? - long or short term effects of syphilis

I want to know the impact of short-and long-term syphilis!
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meg:) said...

The first symptoms of syphilis are colored red rash on the size of a room that can access the whole body or just parts like the palms or soles. This is the most common symptom. In addition, there may be a mild headache, fatigue, hair loss and lymph nodes.
Symptoms include long-term abnormalties severe heart disease, mental illness, blindness, if other symptoms nuerological, and sometimes even death.

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Pongi said...

I. long-term effects:

If left untreated, can secondary syphilis in the tertiary level must be implemented as damage to internal organs including the brain, nerves, eyes, heart, blood vessels, liver, bones and joints. Damage can
serious enough to cause death. ...

II Short-term effects (symptoms)

The symptoms of syphilis depend on the phase of the disease. Many people have no symptoms.

As a rule, painless lesions and lymph nodes are the symptoms of primary syphilis. People with secondary syphilis, can also be fever, fatigue, pain and loss of appetite, among other symptoms. Tertiary syphilis causes heart, brain and nervous system.

Primary syphilis A.

Representation of a single, small, round lesions, painless sore (chancre) or multiple entry site.
Chancre lasts 3-6 weeks and heals without treatment.
Proceeds of the secondary phase of infection without treatment.

B. Secondary syphilis

Develo --tion of-a-brown spots are not itchy rash) raw materials (usually red or rosé.
"It may seem to be the chancre is healing or several weeks to complete now take.
(May form characteristic rash on the palms and soles occur in other parts of the body).
"The rash can vary in appearance in other parts of the body.
"The eruption may be small and seemingly unnoticed.

Other nonspecific symptoms may occur:
swollen lymph nodes
Neck pain
-Pattern hair loss in patches
Weight Loss
Muscle pain

The symptoms of secondary spontaneously, without treating the infection progresses to the latent and tertiary stages. The secondary stage of syphilis is often not recognized because:

characteristic rash is not seen
May mimic the outbreak, which to be seen in other infections and diagnosed as such,
The specific symptoms like the flu or other self-limited disease diagnosed.
Latent syphilis

Hidden phase of infection after the disappearance of the secondary SYmptoms.
May progress of tertiary syphilis in a year or last for several years.

C. Tertiary syphilis

Tertiary syphilis causes damage to internal organs including the brain, nerves, eyes, heart, blood vessels, liver, bones and joints.

The symptoms may include:

Coodinating muscle movements Difficulty
progressive blindness

D. Congenital syphilis

T. pallidum can go from an infected mother to her fetus during pregnancy. Congenital syphilis can result in stillbirth or shortly after birth. Although infected babies can be born without signs of infection, can cause serious problems in a few weeks. Immediate treatment is necessary, developmental delay, seizures and / or death to prevent it.

Syphilis is relatively easy, in the primary and secondary phases address.

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection prevalence has risen in the last ten years: the treatment is necessary to doxual partner (s) and preventive measures are very important to prevent the spread of sexual partner (s). ...

Read: "symptoms of syphilis: primary syphilis, secondary and tertiary | - ...

LINDA R said...

It can be cured with antibiotics. If left untreated, brain damage and can lead to death.

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