Monday, February 22, 2010

Small Clear Bubble In Inside Of Cheek What Are These Clear Little Bubbles I Get On My Face?

What are these clear little bubbles I get on my face? - small clear bubble in inside of cheek

Please do not respond rudely. I get what I call a rash on his face. I do not see that disclose elsewhere in my body, and the transfer to third parties. It comes at random times, such as weekly intervals. They are small, clear fluid-filled blisters. Chop and painful. They begin to explode and when they do, a clear liquid that emerges. Only very quick and I feel before it is enlarged. If I have a different spots on the face, and the busts of liquid from the "rash", which in turn placed in a rash. I have a philosophy on a clear day and clear my normal places, but can not prevent the rash. I have a couple of years. I've been with three doctors and none of them knows what it is.You can even expand on that in my mouth, and I will (sp?) Ölçer. It itches and hurts. No other symptoms. It usually starts on the left cheek at the same place, but sometimes from other place than my face, or are currently started my nose. I Goot disadvantages acne medicine for physicians and dermatologists, and nothing has come of the outbreak, stopped or heal faster. It takes at least a week to go. What is possible?

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